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Your book is one of my treasured collection and I’ve been reading it again and again. I love it so much. It helps me to understand Buddha and Buddhism and draw bridges between the two faiths. Keep up the good work and God bless!.”
Mish N.

“I am an American missionary living in Thailand… I love the book, probably one of the most thrilling books I have ever read, even had a conversation about the seen ha with one of my Thai co workers. Thanks.
K. Davis, Thailand

Thanks again for that book that you gave me last year on “Buddha to Jesus”. It’s really accurate and helpful in a country where the people have a Buddhist foundation in their beliefs, mindsets and culture. I’ve been able to glean some things from it that help when on the streets witnessing and sharing the Gospel… which is going very well by the way.
Missionary in Cambodia

I’m in the middle of reading your book. It is truly an eye opener. Now I understand much more about Buddhism, and what we must do as Christians to bring Jesus to their lives. What a tool!
Daniel H., Indonesia

“I’ve just finished reading your book titled From Buddha to Jesus. It’s really awesome the way you Buddhism and Christianity. Very practical indeed, when u compared scriptures from the Bible with Buddha’s teaching. I thank God for having to come across yourbook…I truly believe that this must have been planned by God, for He wants me to draw my Buddhist family near to Christ as i’ve always prayed for. I suppose your book is His answer to my prayer. Thank you so much once again for writing such heavenly book.
Sharon C., Malaysia

“Your book has given me some great encouragement to pursue conversation with my Buddhist friends we meet here in Thakua Paa Thailand.  It has been great to meet new people and bless them with a friendship that is more based in commonalities of talking about Buddhism in a positive light and being able to share Christ from the perspective of karma and reincarnation.  I have known about these things, but not really known what to say to a Buddhist person concerning who they are and what they hold dear in their world view and beliefs. Thanks for writing your book.  I have found it very helpful.”
Kennedy P., missionary in Thailand

I wanted to share really good news with you : I’m studying in Ireland this year and I’ve felt so blessed and in the right place since I arrived! I happen to have a Chinese flatmate. I was praying for her, and after some weeks, tonight, we talked two hours in our kitchen and she just got saved!! How exciting!!!! :) :) :) I’m so so thrilled. Your book helped me a lot, and she’s really willing to know more and more about God, the Bible, and your book!

Rebecca S., Ireland

“I just finished reading your ebook from Amazon while flying on a airplane home to Tennessee, USA from Melbourne, FL.  I had been looking for a resource and finally found your website. Your ideas in the book helped me understand a lot… Thanks and may God bless your ministry.  Truly good soil
Jimi R., USA

“I have just read your book “from Buddha to Jesus” and I share a lot of what’s written; thanks for your great effort. I find your book most interesting and I have passed it to my wife who became Christian a month before me.”
Stanley Y., Australia

I have been a missionary in Thailand for 40 years.  I read your book and was very impressed wish I would have had it sooner.
Dorothy H., Thailand

I have been thoroughly enjoying your book, From Buddha to Jesus, as I live in a town of 20,000 in southern Oregon where there are about 3,000 Buddhists.  Praise God for the great insights He has given you as you have recorded them in your wonderful book!  I recently led a three hour workshop at our church on Building Bridges to Buddha Seekers and the insights in your book were very helpful for that workshop!

I had read your book already and my family too. You’re blessing for me and every people. I always support and promote your book here to every person that God lead me to…. I always to pray for your mission and may God give you power to serve more around the world.

Thank you for the wonderful report. I also have had many read your book and come to know the truth.
Brother Bowen

Last month on 1st March 2010, my father, sister & brother-in-law got saved. They read your book “From Buddha to Jesus”. Thank you again and hope your book will bless more people that I’ve sent them.

Thank you for your mail and update. Just want to say that your book “From Buddha to Jesus” is such an insight. In fact, I presented one to a very devoted Buddhist sister… Like many of us who were once a Buddhist, there is so much we do not know about Buddhism until we read your book. Thank you. Great job you have been doing Brother Steve. We will continue to pray to uphold you and love ones… all praise and glory to God.
Bro Eric C.

Congratulations on the success of your book! My husband and I have been reading it and although I am a second generation missionary in Thailand (my dad arrived in 1946!) your book has brought new insight and clarified many things and is helping me/us immensely in relating to the Buddhists. So, Thank YOU and Thank GOD!
Marianna & Erik, Thailand

A team of 5 American Christians went to Bangkok… The leader of the team had your book and was in the process of reading it when he gave it to a Laotian team member to help him witness to a traveling Buddhist monk. The Laotian Christian spent many hours with the monk who was walking everywhere and all over Thailand looking for truth. Within the week after returning to Hawaii news was sent from Bangkok that he had indeed turned his life over to Jesus! Thank you.
Ray, Hawaii

The author not only reveals the true teachigs of Buddha, but superbly teaches many Biblical truths which are so vital for victorious Christian living.
David Pearce (missionary to Tibet)

Many Chinese think Christians are boring and cannot be interesting. But the way you wrote this book reveals logic, the kind of logic that can convince a lot of Chinese people. It reveals Biblical wisdom that is beyond worldly wisdom. When I read how about heaven hell, I got a lot of wow’s! This way of thinking is amazing! This book will change people’s thinking towards Christians.
David Box (Property & Project Manager of Destiny Church, Melbourne)

What did this book do for me? It gave me confidence that I had a strategy! It gave me confidence that the Gospel is relevant to Buddhists! Because we can start from a place of commonality, instead of a place of ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’. This teaching releases people!
Tim Perry (missionary to northern Thailand)

“Many Chinese think Christians are boring and cannot be interesting… they only follow boring thinking or cannot think on their own. So the Chinese mark Christians as “religious”. But the way you wrote this book reveals logic. There are lots of facts about Buddha, Buddha’s life, and Buddha’s laws. It is based on study and research. I can see many citations and you link all this with reason. This logic can convince a lot of Chinese people. When I read about heaven and hell, I said wow! This way of thinking is amazing! It reveals Biblical wisdom that is beyond the worldly wisdom. This book will change people’s thinking about Christians.”
Ling (Chinese IT professional from Fujian)

A must-have book for those reaching the Buddhist field so as to be better equipped in having a good conversation with local Thais on their faith.  The many Buddhist stories in it are bridges to relate with Thai Buddhist.  I encourage all missionaries and workers in Thailand to read this evangelistic book.
Pauline Song, Singapore

I especially like the practical examples of how to have conversations with Buddhists…. I even learned some things about Christianity that I didn’t know before…
Jean, Melbourne

“I am from Church of Our Saviour. Your visit has brought much needed in-depth understanding on how to talk to Buddhists. I have bought your book at COOS and it is indeed very insightful. I believe it will help much in spreading the Gospel.”
Johann, Singapore

This new book is really enlightening and interesting. After reading it you’ll find it a lot easier to witness to people. Even if you think that it is not relevant to you because of the title (like I did) I want to alert you that you’re WRONG, there’s lots you will glean from this book. It’s relevant to many people whether they be Buddhists, New Agers, Free thinkers etc. There are many people turning to Buddhism in the West everyday as an alternative to Christianity, and those people along with the others need this message. I strongly encourage you to get a copy!”
Zoe, Melbourne

I started reading your book and couldn’t put it down. My husband had been wondering where I had gotten to, and when he found me I was already up to Chapter 6. We really like the style in which you write, easy to understand.
Grace, Sydney

I am just writing you to thank you for sharing us your insights about Buddhism. Your book From Buddha to Jesus has been very helpful to us gaining insight on how Buddhist thinks. Our pastor actually used your book in our leadership group. And we gained a lot of insights from it. Thank you so much! I am Thai by nationality but my race is Thai-Filipino… After reading your book, I now gained a lot of insights of the culture and religion here, and this prompted me to study more about Thai culture and Buddhism. My aim and goal is to look for that rare gem to bridge the gap to them. To bring them closer to Christ. I just would like to thank you for the insights and for writing the book. Thank you and God bless you!
Pitch, Thailand

Since reading your book From Buddha to Jesus, I’ve been blessed by it and have passed it on to friends and missionaries who are keen on it too. My colleague in Chiang Mai is a seminary lecturer and church planter. He’s keen to get more copies so that he can encourage Thai Christians and pastors to be more pro-active in reaching the Buddhist world.” 
Pauline, Singapore

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