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What Leaders are Saying…

“In his well-written and researched book ‘From Buddha to Jesus’ Steve has placed a valuable witnessing tool in the hands of the local church. I strongly recommend his book and suggest that anyone who comes in contact with Eastern religions should read it and have the information readily available.”
Col Stringer (President of ICFM Australia & best-selling Author)

“This book has many great insights in it… I would use it for our Bible College students.”
Dr. Wayne Cordeiro (Pastor of 10,000+ member church in Hawaii)
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“I wish I had read it sooner….It is so straightforward, so clear and so eminently helpful.”

Dr Carl Wieland, Director of Creation Ministries International & Editor of Creation Magazine

“A well-written book with a clear and bold testimony.”
Canon James Wong (Anglican Churches Singapore)

“Your book literally hit me right between the eyes… You’re absolutely right, modern Evangelism has strayed away from Biblical Evangelism. I found myself having to make a couple corrections. I had gotten away from dealing with the sin issue before leading people to Jesus. It’s very plain to me now. I highly recommend that all ministers read this book! Thanks, Steve, for making it so plain.”
Jim Kaseman (President of AFCM International) 

“Upon reading From Buddha to Jesus, we were challenged, felt better equipped with the right information, and in many ways….corrected. We didn’t realize that we had so many misconceptions concerning Buddhism. Nor did we know that there are so many teachings of Buddhism that could actually assist us in presenting to Buddhists their need of Jesus as Savior.”
Tony & Patsy Cameneti (Directors of RHEMA Australia, missionaries to Singapore & Italy)

“Buddhism is a mystery to most Australians, yet increasing numbers of Australians are investigating it as an option for faith. Steve Cioccolanti has done us all a service in making the essence of Buddhism accessible to all of us. This book will be an increasingly important resource for those desiring to lift up Jesus, The Light, in the understanding of those who find themselves impressed by Buddha, the ‘enlightened one’.”
Pastor Allan Meyer (Senior Minister of Careforce Church)

“A truly enlightening and informative book on Buddhism with many references and comparisons to Christianity. This book is a useful tool to reach not only Buddhists with the truth but many others confused in the plethora of religions.”
Tom Inglis (President of Psalmody, former worship leader of RHEMA South Africa)

(After a public talk based on the book) “Everyone I spoke to was very positive about the evening. Steve has a unique testimony and an excellent understanding of how to present the gospel to Buddhists and people in general. We will certainly have Steve back again.” 
Richard Kerridge,
International Chairman of ACMI (Associated Christian Ministers International)
& Senior Minister of Liberty Christian Church

“Pastor Steve’s gentle way of sharing his insight suits the Thai audience very well.  I was surprised by the response of the those who came forward.  Many “old” Christians came forward as if understanding the gospel for the first time. What Pastor Steve shared was easy to understand, easy to use as a tool to share with friends. He has also broken some invalid preconceived ideas that Buddhists are closed to the gospel.”
Yee Ching Wah (Pastor of Christ Church Bangkok and Dean of the Anglican Church Thailand)

“The surprising features of this book are not only the candid information about Buddhism, but also the way Steve intertwines this with the Christian message of hope… This is a book that would be of great value to any Christian seeking information about Eastern religions, especially if wanting to share their faith with a Buddhist. It would also be valuable and readable for a Buddhist person to understand their own faith, and to gain an understanding of Jesus.”
Rev. Rob Isaachsen (Coordinator of Melbourne Pastors Network & Transforming Melbourne)

“One of the books that I really read from cover to cover. I bought 10 copies and distributed them to my friends. I was once a Buddhist and this book really opened up my eyes. It is a must read for all Buddhists, Eastern religion followers or even Christians who are looking for a way to reach out to these groups of people. Steve Cioccolanti was able to put things in the right manner and has written in a balanced and non-offensive way. This book rocks!”
Pastor Daniel Hendrata, (TV Host; Chairman & Co-Founder of Anugrah Ministries)

Oswald Chambers said, “…it is not sufficient to say, “Because God says it,” or, “Because the Bible says it,” …to a man not born again, he will pay no attention to you because he does not stand on the same platform. You have to find a provisional platform on which he can stand with you.”
Steve’s book “From Buddha to Jesus” is the best tool that I have found to find a common platform with Buddhists. Although the book is primarily focused on Thai Buddhism, the principles in the book can be used with Buddhists in Japan and with Buddhists in other countries. I highly recommend it!
Rev. Daniel Kikawa, B.S., Ph.M., Ph.D. (President of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries; Senior Pastor of Hilo Missionary Church; Author and producer of the award-winning films, “God’s Fingerprints in Japan 1 & 2”)