Dr. Wayne Cordeiro’s Foreword of Steve Cioccolanti’s “From Buddha to Jesus” Book

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro's Endorsement of Steve CIoccolanti

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro’s Endorsement of From Buddha to Jesus by Steve Cioccolanti You have in your hands a groundbreaking book, one that will challenge you to rethink our faith and how it can reach those whom others have overlooked.

I was raised in Hawaii, a blending of the East and West. My mother was for many years of her life a Buddhist. My father was Catholic, so I grew up confused! I was in caught between the two cultures and the two beliefs of those I loved.

As I came to know Christ in my late teenage years, I developed a heart to reach those of other faiths. I quickly learned that the first step to that goal was not necessarily sharing the Four Spiritual Laws or by giving them a copy of the New Testament. Rather, it was to understand their perspective and loving each one as a person for whom Christ died.

Having read Steve Cioccolanti’s courageous work, I was challenged afresh and stirred in my heart to now confidently take the next step in reaching Buddhists with the Gospel. It teaches the reader how with understanding and context, we can build Goodwill, which one day will open a doorway for the Good News!

Steve Cioccolanti is a sincere follower of Christ with an unusual insight into the Buddhist mind. His background and context lends to a broad understanding that no causal college can bring to any avid student of life. You will hear his compassion as well as his comprehension for those who have been raised within generations of Buddhist traditions and beliefs. He will even challenge you to see the good in it rather than just the bad. You will view the elements that have drawn millions in Asia and beyond to a philosophy of life that has influenced many for over two millennia.

I have recommended this book to our Bible College students as they attempt to reach the Pacific Rim. I recommend it to you as you go forward to reach your world for Christ.

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro
President of Pacific Rim Bible College
Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, Hawaii