Is Buddhism Good for Health?

You can apply several tests to belief systems. One of the tests of a good religion is that it should make people better. By “better” I mean you are better spiritually, morally and physically by following that religion than if you had not. In other words, there are objective proofs – e.g. is this religion true or is it made-up by man – and there are subjective proofs – does this religion make me a nicer, purer, healthier – or in a word – a “better” person?

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Are You a Good Buddhist?

Of course, nearly everybody thinks they are a good person. Buddha gave a short test, perhaps more like a self-assessment, to measure how good you really are. Please answer the following 5 questions truthfully:    Read more

Are You Reincarnated?

Many people sense that they have been reincarnated and some even claim they have memory of past lives. While these memories may seem very vivid and real to the claimants, there are a few logical problems that must be answered to validate these claims.

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