Are You a Good Buddhist?

Of course, nearly everybody thinks they are a good person. Buddha gave a short test, perhaps more like a self-assessment, to measure how good you really are. Please answer the following 5 questions truthfully:   

  1. Have you ever killed a mosquito, cockroach, rat, ant, termite or eaten any meat?
  2. Have you ever stolen anything of any value or forgotten to return something that was ‘borrowed’?
  3. Have you ever lied, cursed or spoken evil about anybody?
  4. Have you failed to stay sexually pure?
  5. Have you ever given in to drinking, smoking or using any addictive substance?

How did you go?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then join the Karma club! No Buddhist I know can say they have never lied or they have always been sexually pure. There may be a few Buddhists who can say they have never drunk a drop of alcohol, but most Buddhist men I know love to drink beer and liquor.

What grade would you get if on an exam you got 1 out of 5 questions right? …20%, in other words, a failing grade! What about 0 out of 5? That’s a flunk! Spiritually we are the same.

According to Buddha, a good person must keep a minimum of 5 basic prohibitions (seen ha): don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t commit sexual immorality, don’t lie or cuss, don’t drink, smoke or use narcotics. The truth is, Buddhism is not a “pick and choose,” “free for all,” “easy” religion, but one that demands utmost denial and discipline. Being a Buddhist is much harder than most Westerners have been led to believe.

So do you think you are a good Buddhist? If not, what are the consequences? You can get a grasp on the full implications of Buddha’s teaching on karma by studying From Buddha to Jesus.

It is when we recognize our moral duplicity and come clean that we achieve a level of genuine authenticity before God, ourselves and others. This character trait of being honest about our mistakes is what all God is looking for. The Bible calls it humility. Humility leads to repentance and faith in the Only One who was Perfect – Jesus Christ. Repentance and faith in Christ are two powerful attitudes that can lead one out of darkness and into marvelous Light!

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