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Author of “From Buddha to Jesus” | Steve Cioccolanti

Steve Cioccolanti, BA, M.Ed., was born in Thailand to a family of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists and Muslims. He considered himself an “open-minded freethinker” for accepting all the major religions. He wore a Buddha and a cross on the same necklace. He spent his early years in Thailand, a 95% Buddhist country, after which he also educated in Australia, America, Canada, France, Spain and the UK. During his university years, he was steeped in humanism, secularism, mixed with the typical Western awe for Eastern philosophy. 

In reality mixing religions was not the path to enlightenment. Just as Buddha described, he was trapped in karma and suffering, with no clear path out. The turning point came when Steve Cioccolanti returned to his roots in Thailand; there Buddhist-background-believers explained the Bible to him for the first time! One person who led him to the Lord Jesus was formerly a Buddhist monk, whose story he will share in his second book “Buddha 2 Jesus 2“. From then on he has been compelled to live for Jesus and make the Bible simple, practical and enjoyable for every open-minded person. Many Buddhists who felt trapped as he was have been set free in the same way he has.  

Since authoring “From Buddha to Jesus,” a book which bridges the gap between Buddhists and Christians, Steve Cioccolanti has authored more books and produced hundreds of videos. He is a sought after seminar speaker, well-known for presenting complex concepts in lucid and multi-sensory ways. He is regularly invited to address:

  • Biblical Evangelism & World Religions
  • Unlocking End Time Prophecy & the Book of Revelation
  • Exposing Tactics of Deceivers and Their Deception, False Prophets and Hyper-Critics. 
  • Family Matters such as Sexual Purity, Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Re-Marriage, Parenting, Raising Godly Children and End-Time Fathering.
  • Encouraging Christians to Love and Live for Eternity.

Steve is a happily married with two children. 

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